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Health Care

Health Care is an industry which is evolving everyday. The changes are due lot of regulations, technologies and research. GCOM sees those as potential opportunities to embrace their passion towards delivering solutions.

GCOM is specialized in providing solutions where things frequently change.

Many of our experts are working in various healthcare clients we proudly say that we have the right knowledge to Beyond the fact that Health Care is constantly evolving, we are very interested in providing solutions for Health care providers, doctors and Policy researchers by helping them to build the necessary tools for making vital decisions. GCOM can provide solutions and innovations in the below areas

Key features
  • Health Records Maintenance
  • Privacy and Security
  • Quality and Healthcare
  • Healthcare & Strategic Planning
  • Data Analytics & Harmonization
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What we provide?


When we find a potential opportunity to innovate, the experts in GCOM are passionate in creating a prototype of the solution.

Estimation & Strategy

Once our clients like our Prototype, we time box it, estimates the cost and come up with the Project plan for the implementation in the enterprise.

Development & Testing

We develop the solution and build the product with the right people. Also, we care more about the quality of the product we deliver where our testers will ensure with their knowledge and expertise.

Support & Maintenance

Out team's primary goal is quality of support and maintenance. We help our clients to support and maintain the product in a cost effective and in a much convenient way.